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5 Top Event Challenges

The 2022 State of Event Management Report highlights key findings, including the return of live events, increased demand for event marketing, and industry trends and challenges.

The return of live events

With the resurgence of in-person events, marketers need to balance the benefits of live events with the advantages of virtual and hybrid models. Focusing smaller events on virtual platforms while running larger events live can offer attendees substantial benefits.

Adopting technology in event marketing processes

Event automation is crucial for improving efficiency and reducing manual tasks. Implementing the right event marketing software, such as Sweap’s Event Efficiency Platform, can streamline operations and save time.

Choosing the most effective event marketing channels

While social media and email campaigns are dominant channels, they can be oversaturated. A community-based strategy, focusing on building a community around the event, can help generate buzz, improve brand visibility, and save costs.

Tracking event marketing campaigns and demonstrating ROI

Tracking and measuring the performance of event marketing campaigns is essential. Leveraging data analytics and utilizing event marketing tools can help generate key performance indicators (KPIs) and effectively track campaign progress.

Harnessing the power of brand loyalty

Building relationships with attendees is vital to create brand loyalty. Embracing a community-based approach and integrating user-generated content (UGC) into marketing channels can cultivate stronger connections and influence audience decisions.